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Property Management

Rental properties are an important part of any Landlord's investment portfolio and, like all investments, need ongoing care and attention. The aim is not only to protect your investment, but to also maximise the return, and that is where we come in.

Having the right property management team to look after your investment is an important decision.

So why should you choose to work with Farmlands Property Management?

  • Time by using a Property Manager we give you the time to step away from the business of being a Landlord allowing you to focus elsewhere, maybe growing your portfolio, or even taking time off
  • Mitigation of Risk Often cited as the main reason to employ a Property Manager, the regulations that have to be adhered to are often complex, and falling foul of these can be an expensive mistake. Property Managers are experts in their fields, and help minimise these risks
  • Professionalism the paperwork will be done correctly, maintaining your records and providing a source of information to help make future decisions
  • Knowledge our team work within the confines of the 1986 Tenancy Act and keep abreast of all of the latest revisions and issues that could affect you as the Landlord
  • Experience a combined total of nearly 20 years working with rental properties we've seen it all
  • Eye for detail Our regular inspections, coupled with on-site records of previous inspections, mean that we stay on top of any issues before they turn into large, nasty, and expensive surprises
  • Protection We understand that you, as owners, have hired us as your agents to protect your asset. We promise to consult with you on any issues that may arise and provide the best possible advice to help you achieve the best possible return on your investment
  • Selection we carry out a comprehensive reference check on all of our prospective tenants, working to ensure that you get the best possible candidates to look after your investment
  • Pride we take pride in our work, and look after each property in our portfolio as if it were our own
  • Communication things will go wrong at your properties, it is inevitable, and we will not shy away from giving you the news you need to hear
  • Keeping in the know - we keep our owners updated on all of the latest developments and changes which will affect them (directly or indirectly)
  • Audit our trust accounts are audited by PWC so you have the reassurance of knowing that your money, and your revenue stream, is safe

If you would like further information, or an informal no obligation discussion on your options and our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Property Management Profiles:

Paula Guyton With four years of experience managing residential properties in the district, Paula also brings a lifetime of farming experience to the role, and specialises in working with farmers providing property inspections thus taking away this time consuming and non-profit generating task. Paula is a true professional, but also perfectly comfortable putting the hard word on tenants to bring them into line if necessary.

Steve Compton A recent immigrant to New Zealand, Steve joined Farmlands in 2017, having spent the previous 6 years running a handyman and cleaning company in the UK that specialised in preparing domestic rental properties for new tenants. With an eye for the minutest of details, Steve considers himself to be a poacher turned gamekeeper and will keep on top of any challenging situation with ease.

Kay Stevenson the beating heart of the Property Management Team, Kay is the Administrator for the department, and like all great administrators, actually runs the place. Kay keeps everything on track and makes sure that every "t" is crossed, and every "i" is dotted. With more experience than she would want us to say, Kay has seen and done it all.

Kay Stevenson
027 224 2570

Paula Guyton
Property Manager
027 539 1243

Steve Compton
Property Manager
027 454 4112

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